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                                                     Auric Clearing
An Aura is a luminous energy field that surrounds both animate and inanimate bodies. Everything and everyone has an auric field. The human Aura is composed of Universal Energy by the individual for his/her life support and life purposes. The Aura gives off a form of light and color which can be seen by persons with a high sense of perception. This field is also known as the Bio field. All molecules of the human body are surrounded by small electromagnetic fields and all of these fields combine to create one large Bio field surrounding the individual.
Auric Clearings are vital to your personal and spiritual growth. The Aura, which is an energy field that surrounds the body, needs to be cleared to remove attachments that accumulate over time. These discordant attachments, known as "Auric attachments", consist of Occupants, Discarnates, Portals, Wormholes and negative thought forms. Negative energy in our field throws us off balance and eventually results in illness and emotional disturbances. These attachments can be so strong that they can take over your life! How many times have you said something and then said to yourself afterward, I cannot believe I just said that. Chances are it was one of your attachments that took over in that moment!
Many of these attachments are from past lifetimes where the entities still believe that a past karmic contract is still in place in present time. There are other opportunities where attachments occur are in times of extreme stress, trauma, or physical injury. Once one has realized that we are all made of energy, then one can acknowledge that we get sick at the energetic level first then it manifests on the physical level. EVERY affliction in the mind will influence the function of the body.
Let's take the following scenario as an example. A married couple of 20 years, wife presumes that she and her husband are happy and secure in their 20 year relationship. One day at dinner, her husband announces to her that he no longer loves her and he is leaving her for another woman and will be serving her with divorce papers. There is a moment when the wife experiences an "ANALOGICAL MOMENT" (a moment of no time) and in that moment whatever beliefs she has will lodge into her energy system. In this example the belief that she cannot trust men and she is not able to love or be loved will lodge in the Heart chakra (4th) and the Solar Plexus chakra (3rd). Her energetic frequency will change resulting in her future relationships to be full of drama because she will create situations to try and test the man's love for her. When he does show her love, she will feel unworthy of that love. Finally, the man will become tired of the drama and will leave causing the woman to say "See, I cannot trust men and I cannot love and I cannot be loved". This cycle will continue until she changes her belief. This is just one example, I invite you to take a moment and reflect on your life, how many times have you gone analogical?
Occupants enter through the Chakras. Chakras are energy centers located in the central part of the body. There are many Chakras located throughout the body and around the body but for Auric Clearing purposes we focus on the seven main Chakras within the body.
In a clearing session, I scan your light body and remove these attachments as I go. These "releases" are on a Quantum level; therefore they are permanently removed from your levels of awareness and the body. These sessions are quite profound and often leave one feeling a lot lighter and experiencing an overall high. When I close the session, golden fragments of your souls energy comes back to your light body infusing you with new templates and new opportunities. Click below to schedule your session.
                                                   Imprint Removal
Imprint Removal Sessions deal with the removal of "karmic contracts" that are causing disruption in our lives. Our definition of karmic contracts is consciously or unconsciously-held decisions, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, considerations, contracts and agreements that we live by and have made with other people. These are always polarized, hence they "output" discordant magnetic fields. Examples of polarized issues are: "I love myself, I don't love myself; I must forgive, I can't forgive; I love men/women, I despise men/women; God loves me, god doesn't love me, etc. These unresolved, polarized emotions and attitudes are carried by our soul's memory from lifetime to lifetime, and become "hardwired" into the neocortex of the bodies we've incarnated into. It's not until and unless these neural nets are unplugged does true permanency of any kind of energy work occur, and only then will a person's reality change.
The most important paradigm for understanding this work is that the subconscious, the god within, does not judge. It is the platform of thought that sees, allows, and loves everything. It does not see that you are wrong or right. It just sees. And loves. It is Oneness with all things, so if you wish something on someone else, you are wishing it onto yourself. Another example is that if you hate someone, you are really hating yourself. Masters who are awakening become acutely aware that what they see in another so are they. For how could you recognize something in someone else unless you have been the same way? This is the way of the god within. It allows you to be, loves you, and says "so be it" to whatever you emotionally embrace. The more passionately you embrace anything -- fear or love, and anything in between-the faster the experience of that emotion will manifest. This is the true paradigm that has been taught by Masters and Christs for eons-that whatever you emotionally embrace becomes law in your kingdom.
Imprint Removal Sessions are directed by the person's GodSelf, the subconscious. This "True Self" aspect shows us the priority issues, the source-decisions that cause the greatest fragmentations in the personality and the greatest suffering. It's holographic language is comprised of archetypes, personas, polarized contracts and potentials/constructs on each of the seven levels of awareness. Polarized contracts are absolved, all contract-generated thoughtforms are transmuted, all related neural nets are unplugged. Any given hang-up or issue has layered neural nets, and any given karmic session absolves a significant number of layers. The session is experienced as a "high" or a freedom. The advantages of learning this holographic language and communicating directly with the subconscious has very definitive advantages over traditional psychotherapy and even hypnosis, because the deeper neural nets of past life emotional terror are usually compartmentalized by the brain and often unreachable by those means. Psychiatrists who insist on the Christian paradigm of ignoring past lives are utterly incapable of explaining 90% of the phenomenon that occurs in the human psyche. Click below to schedule your session.
           Unnatural Seal & Implant Removal
The Unnatural Seal and Implant Removal session is extremely important and a must for human evolution as it helps to restore your Original Organic Imprint for Health. There are 7 unnatural Seals located on the left side of the human body. The "J-Seals" are also known as “death seals”, and are seven anchoring rods, placed in Earth’s planetary shields specifically one vertical column, horizontally across from certain natural configurations in Earth′s grids called Star Crystal Seals. These seals cause degeneration and many physical, mental and emotional problems.
 It is important to understand that the Earth and our bodies are built energetically the same way and that we are directly connected to the Earth. Since the Seals exist in the Earth’s grids, we “inherit” these into our own grids. So everyone on Earth has these 7 Seals in their bodies. There have been many, many cataclysms in Earth’s history that have affected us, and this is what has reduced our life span, brain function, and spiritual awareness.

Did you ever notice that most problems are on the left side of a person’s body? Well, this is why; these seals are located as follows in the body:
  • Seal 1 – Top of the Skull on the Left side
  • Seal 2 – Heart, Left Lung, back Left Knee
  • Seal 3 – Pineal Gland
  • Seal 4 – Left side of Neck and Lymphatics
  • Seal 5 – Rear left Thigh and Buttock
  • Seal 6 – Alta major (where skull rests atop the spine) hypothalamus, and top of left shoulder
  • Seal 7 – Aorta Artery on Left Side of Neck
If you have been having problems in the above areas in the last 4-5 years, it may be due to the seals. One of the most important seals to remove is the one in the pineal gland, as this blocks the natural activation of the pineal and prevents one from accessing their higher levels of consciousness. This is the main reason most people have limited psychic skills and cannot connect to their higher self. In addition to removing the 7 J-Seals i also remove the Zeta Seal, Templar Seal, Templar-Axion Seal, Metatronic Implants, Crown of Thorns Implant and Cell Death Programs.

During the session I clear any blockages in your meridian lines and other energy points. This clearing allows energy to flow freely and increases the amount of frequency your light body can hold. Click below to schedule your session.
"The session was amazing. I felt you immediately, it was like the flood gates were opening. I started to have visions and hear my guides a lot clearer. I felt very high vibrations, and truly began to forgive myself. I truly believe I will now be able to experience and radiate unconditional divine love and reflect that into my life. I would love to do your other courses, I resonate well with you, and honestly I was drawn to you and recommended to you by my higher self/guides. Thank you very much and I will definitely take note of any changes in my life in the coming weeks and give you a feedback"
~Joseph Robinson
"! Thank you so much. We went thru a lot of stuff :o) I feel expanded...fresh.....amazing! My field feels clean for the first time in my life. That's the only way I can explain it right now. I will let you know how things go over the next week. Look very forward to doing more work with you."   
Patty Slocumb
Hi Josh,
Thank you.  I felt my heart chakra a lot more open this morning.  
~Daron Shang


School for Conscious Evolution


Earth is currently at the culmination of a 26,556 year Harmonic Time Cycle, through which our planet is evolving beyond the 3-dimensonal bands of the first Harmonic Universe (HU1) within our Universal Time Matrix. In essence Earth and humanity are in the process of making an evolutionary leap from one density to the next. As this process is unfolding Earth's Auric Field is speeding up in pulsation rhythm as it accretes the frequencies from Earth's Higher dimensional counterpart (Tara) and merges with these higher frequency realities and timelines. This is why you may have noticed the feeling that time is speeding up! Lightworkers (e.g., Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseed, Wanderers etc) are Souls that have had incarnations in higher dimensional, planetary star systems, that have chosen to incarnate onto the planet in order to assist Earth and humanity with this Ascension process. 

The Lightworker, Energy Healing Mission, is to help restore the Earth's grids and planetary shields to their original divine blueprint and frequency holding potential, as well as to help restore the original 12 strand Angelic Human DNA template, so that Earth and Humanity can Ascend to the next Harmonic Universe together.

If you have read this far, and you resonte with the information on this website, you are undoubtedly an Starseed/Indigo Soul who has an important World Service Contract, but as you may have already realized you require to heal and clear some things in order to be able to fully realize & EMBODY your soul purpose and mission. This is because EVERYONE who incarnates on the planet inherits certain energetic blockages from their parents and ancestors, the Earth, and the collective human consciousness that require to be cleared before we can embody our higher self and fully realize why we've incarnated here. All of the Masters that have come, and that are here, have had assistance with clearing these energetic blockages & activating their DNA. So if  you are tired of reading books about other peoples "spiritual" experiences, attending webinars, discussing spirituality on facebook & social media only to feel like no real growth is taking place, and you are ready to stop dabbling and commit to your own MASTERY then Alchemical University is dedicated to providing YOU with initial Energy Clearing Sesssions to get you jump started, followed by Training & Coaching of the most advanced Energy directing techniques on the planet. By learning to clear YOURSELF (and others!) of the highest priority Auric Attachments, Karmic Imprints, Unnatural Seals & Implants and Activating dormant portions of your DNA template you will not only be able to MASTER your energy field, rapidly Manifest your desires, attract HIGH frequency relationships, have access to your higher levels of consciousness & experience the expanded states of awareness of Unconditional Love, Inner Peace, Joy & Bliss, but also EMBODY your important Planetary Mission & fulfill the Service Contract that you agreed to before incarnating here..


Click below to start your training today..

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