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Alchemical Univesity Monthly Membership
Unlock exclusive benefits and take your experience to the next level with AU's monthly membership program. Enjoy access to premium content, deep discounts, and personalized support like: 

-Your name, combined with potent life affirming intentions for your life, will be placed on our powerful Orgone Generators for a continuous stream of positive lifeforce energy directed at you. This like having powerful prayers of positive intentions covering your life non stop!


-Monthly recorded Energy clearings, Transmissions & Activations to enjoy on your own time.


-Free & or deeply discounted Video Trainings on topics such as: 

*Advanced manifestation

*How to clear your own energy field of blockages & attachments

*Perform powerful energy work directly on the Earth's grids

*How to charge your Water, Food, Crystals etc with LIFEFORCE, for physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional balance, and expidited manifestation of your desires!


-Deep discounts on Private 1:1 Energy clearings, DNA Activations, Coaching Sessions, and More!

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