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Awakening the Sacred Flame

Four 1:1 Clearing & Activation Sessions


In this four week clearing & activation container, we will meet via voice call once a week around your schedule. In each session i will work directly with your higher self to electrically disengage, and transmute, the highest priority auric field attachments, karmic imprints, and unnatural seals & implants back to the realm of unmanifest matter. Once these obstructions have been removed we will then perform a very powerful activation of the Awakening the Sacred Flame Command Code unto your entire multi dimensional anatomy. You will receive your own copy of the A.T.S.F Code and will be shown how to continue to work with the code to raise your own frequency as well as help to anchor the frequencies of Divine Union into the Planetary Body.


Week 1 - Auric Clearing


We will perform a complete scan of your Energy field for the highest priority Auric Field attachments, such as Chakra blockages created during past tramatic experiences, energetic slits & openings (portals) in your light body that allow your vital lifeforce energy to leak out diminishing the integrity of your energetic boundaries, and inter-dimensional portals (wormholes) that allow for negative interference & bleed through from the astral plane. 


Week 2 - Karma Clearing


Systematic clearing of the highest priority Karmic Imprints inherited from parents & ancestors at fetal integration, past lives, and from the collective human consciousness. We will also focus on clearing any issues you specify that are currently causing disruption in your life.


Week 3 - Seals & Implant Removal


In week three we will focus on clearing the 7 unnatural J-Seals, Zeta Seal, Templar Seals, Metatronic implants, Crown of thorns implant, Tower of Babel Seal, Seal of Palaidor, & Seal of Amenti.

Week - 4 Star Crystal Seal Release & Awakening the Sacred Flame Activation


In this two part session we will first release the SIGNET STAR CRYSTAL SEALS which govern two important FREQUENCY SEALS or blockages within the tailbone and the PINEAL GLAND in the center of the brain. These two seals are called the CRANIAL-SACRAL SEALS. When the Cranial-Sacral Seals are released, the dormant Kundalini Currents come to life within the body, sending progressively higher-frequency energy through the CENTRAL VERTICAL CURRENT of the body. We will also clear the highest priority blockages from your primary meridians, and axiatonal lines. We will then conclude the entire series by inducting and activating the Awakening the Sacred Flame Code onto your entire Multi Dimensional Anatomy. 


                                                                                        $555 USD

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