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Distant Healing Sessions



Auric Clearings focus on clearing the energy field or auric field. The Aura, auric field or electro-magnetic field is the light body that surrounds the physical body. Most people are carrying unfinished business, belief systems, thoughtforms, paradigms, contracts, etc. from many lifetimes in their soul memory that can be identified, and removed, from all 15 levels of awareness through Auric Clearing Sessions. Auric attachments often represent the greatest challenges in emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. This is why many people often spend years on workshops, reading self help books and they keep feeling stuck and getting themselves into the same situations. Until we permanently transmute these auric attachments from all levels  of our

multidimensional awareness as well as the neural networks of the brain associated with them, they will keep activating again and again. And every time they activate, we charge them with more emotional energy and they get more solidified and with a stronger magnetic frequency. These solidified energetic blockages then magnetize us to people, events, times and places with a similar low frequency thus making it very difficult to manifest our desired realities.


Whenever we go against Source-will (e.g., Unconditional love, Non-judgement, Cooperation and co-evolution, The Law of ONE, Perpetual Motion, Free-will choice, Cause & effect) we create Karmic Imprints. We are allowed to go against Source-will but the system is self-correcting based on the physics of cause and effect. So eventually we will experience a karmic consequence and this fractures off our souls energy, causes miasms in the body, energy blockages, and can lead to illness and dis-ease. Karmic imprints create distortions in our auric fields and chakras which affect our perception and interpretation of reality, thus creating a shadow self. This is why although we are all ONE, we see each other as separate. Karmic imprints also represent blockages in our DNA which impede light accretion thus preventing our Soul and Oversoul integration.



*The Complete Auric Clearing Training Manual E-book - This manual will walk you step by step through how to directly connect to, and work with your higher self to systematically scan each of your Chakras to identify & remove the highest priority Auric attachments that are blocking the flow of life force energy through your energetic circulatory system, impeding your growth & evolution, and causing disruption in your life.

*Six 90 minute one on one coaching sessions with me - In these coaching sessions we will perform this work together first by performing Auric Clearing & Karma Removal sessions for you in the initial training sessions and then by facilitating remote sessions for other people in the following sessions. So you will not only benefit from this work personally but you will also learn how to facilitate distant sessions for others as well, which means you can begin to monetize your new skills by assisting others with these powerful clearings while doing work that is more inline with your Souls purpose than a 9-5 wage slave job, as well as helping to raise the frequency of the planet in the process. I can also give you some pointers on how to get started with this.

Investment for this training is $528. Click below to book your training..


"Josh, I'm really blown away at what I have worked on thus far. It is amazing how I feel my own sovereignty today. All because of this clearing and checking in morning and night. I can really feel tangible results and being present to deal with anything. Thanks yet again. :D"

~Katie Fisher