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Free Video Tutorial - How to get Yes / No answerfrom your Higher Self

How much different would your life be if you could access your Higher Self, at will, and get answers to your most pressing questions? Well in this video tutorial you'll be shown how to do just that! You'll learn step by step how to apply "Sensory Acuity" techniques to connect directly to your Higher Self and receive yes/no answers to any question!
How would you like to have answers to questions like:
-Am I a Starseed/ Indigo Soul?
-What star system did i come from?
-Is he/she my twin flame?
-Is it for my highest good to take the training courses from Alchemical University? :D
-Is it for my highest good to invest in this stock?
-Is this person being truthful with me? etc.
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"Heey Josh, I have been practicing the yes and no technique a lot the last days. I love this straight connection with my higher self. I am a claircognizant and this techniques proves how much I can trust my own inner knowing. It helps me so much with getting more clear information about myself and surroundings :)"

                               ~Tess Love

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