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Auric Clearing & Karma Removal


Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing Session

Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing Sessions focus on clearing the highest priority Energy Blockages & Auric Field Attachments from your Seven primary Energy Centers

$125 - $175 USD


Golden DNA strands.jpeg

Ancestral Karma Clearing

​Ancestral Karma Clearing Sessions focus on clearing the highest priority Karmic Imprints inherited from your parents & ancestors through the genetic line

                     $125 - $175 USD       



Custom Energy Clearing Session

Custom Energy Clearing Sessions are tailored to your specifications. Simply enter your details at checkout when booking your session

$125 - $175 USD

DNA Activation, Seal & Implant Removal


Unnatural Seals & Implant Removal

Energy Clearing Session focused on clearing the 7 unnatural J-Seals, Zeta Seal, Templar Seals, Metatronic implants, Crown of thorns implant, Tower of Babel Seal, Seal of Palaidor, & Seal of Amenti.

$125 -  $175 USD


DNA Masters Activation

Four 1:1 DNA Activation sessions to activate & install the 12 DNA Masters Activation Codes onto all levels of your multi- dimensional awareness & anatomy

$528 USD


karma code.jpg

Golden Lquid 5D Chakra Activation

Two 1:1 DNA activation sessions to activate & install the Seven Golden Liquid 5D Chakra activation codes onto all levels of your multi-dimensional awareness & anatomy

$333 USD



"The session was amazing. I felt you immediately, it was like the flood gates were opening. I started to have visions and hear my guides a lot clearer. I felt very high vibrations, and truly began to forgive myself. I truly believe I will now be able to experience and radiate unconditional divine love and reflect that into my life. I would love to do your other courses, I resonate well with you, and honestly I was drawn to you and recommended to you by my higher self/guides. Thank you very much and I will definitely take note of any changes in my life in the coming weeks and give you a feedback"

—  Joseph Robinson

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