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How to use Mathematical Programs (aka Sacred Geometry) to Supercharge your Manifestations

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Greetings Consciously Evolving Friends,

One of the most common coaching requests that i receive from students/ clients over the years is to learn how they can manifest their intentions, rapidly & CONSISTENTLY. They've tried all things Law of Attraction (i.e. positive thinking, affirmations, subliminials etc etc) and still struggle to get the results they desire or the results that they have gotten have been hit or miss, and haphazard at best. So today I thought i'd share with you a POWERFUL manifestation technique that i have used for more than a decade to Manifest - High Frequency relationships, Profitable

businesses, Cars, Homes, Large Sums of MONEY quickly, (to name just a few!) and most importantly to ACTUALIZE my Soul's mission in the 3D physical realm!

Learning to Speak the Language of your Higher Self

The first thing to understand is that our Higher Self doesn't speak a 3D human language, which is why affirmations are ineffective when it comes to manifesting consistently. Instead our Higher Self speaks the language of LIGHT, COLOR, SOUND, & SYMBOL. So in order to manifest INLINE with Divine Right Order we require to engage our Higher Self in the process by learning how to speak it's language. Sacred Geometric Symbols (Scalar Wave Programs) carry higher dimensional frequencies within their mathematical configuration, and encompass ALL of the Higher Self vernacular, so using them to program our Chakras & Auric Field is a very Powerful way to manifest. Symbols have been used for Manifestation by Spiritual Adepts, Ancient Mystery Schools & Secret Societies for Millennia. Big Corporations understand the power of Symbols to influence the subconscious mind, and this is why all major brands use logos, (Nike Swish, McDonalds Golden Arches etc) along with a "tag line" which programs their logo/symbol with their intent as a part of their marketing strategy.

It is high time these Advanced Manifestation techniques reemerge and become common place in today's Spiritual Community. This will help to transform "The Helpless Victim" archetype that is prevalent in the Collective Consciousness (and dare i say in the Spiritual Community as well) Into its higher frequency Christ opposite, "The Self-Empowered Sovereign".

Performing the Technique

Using the example above as a template for your manifestation, get out a blank

sheet of paper and at the top of the page write out the goal you desire to achieve, and the date you desire to achieve it by. Then below and to the left of your written intention draw your symbol. I've used a Six Pointed Star in the example, as a carrier code for my intention because it is a 12th dimensional symbol, which allows us to manifest inline with our Christos Avatar or Ascended Master SELF. I've also added some high frequency colors for extra umph (OPTIONAL: a regular pencil or ink pen is sufficient). Just drawing this symbol will begin to run a current of 12D energy through your body that will connect you to your higher levels of awareness when used frequently & consistently.

NOTE: When you first start working with this 12D symbol-code it will begin to PURGE out of your energy field everything that does not RESONATE with the frequency of the Code.

Next in the center of the star draw a symbol that represents your can be a word or a number, just be sure to draw a circle around it. Next step is to write the phrase

Thah-A' jha in'ta DOA to the right side of your manifestation symbol-code, which means "spoken as it is stated so it is done" in the Ancient Anuhazi language (Aka the language of light) which corresponds with our original 12 strand DNA template, so using this phrase is a very powerful way to set your intent. Then, while staring at your manifestation symbol read out loud, and with authority, your written intention, and then say three times Thah-A' jha in'ta DOA to set your manifestation into motion. And then remove your focus of attention from your manifestation and release it to the ONE. By performing this process you are mathematically imbedding your Chakras & Auric field and programming them with your intention (which is like the Law of Attraction on steroids!) and bypassing your conscious mind.

I recommend going through this entire process daily (Which should only take a few mintues once you get the hang of it) until you achieve your desired result. Don't be a dabbler! Consistency is key! Last, but not least, be sure to follow your intuition and take MASSIVE ACTION towards achieving your goal. Manifestation requires both masculine and feminine expressions. Using this technique is the feminine aspect, and taking action completes the masculine aspect of the manifestation process.

Now if you are trying consistently to manifest something and it's just not happening, it is a sign that there is some sort of energetic blockage, interference or distortion in your Chakras & DNA template that is blocking your manifestation. If this is the case for you, i welcome you to come and book a clearing session with me to assist you in transmuting SOME of these blockages from your energy field, and unplug the corresponding thought patterns from the neural networks of your brain. Click here to book a customized clearing session with me for this :)

If you have found this information beneficial, be sure to share this article far and wide, my friends. In doing so you will also assist me in manifesting the goal i set in motion above to assist 5,000 or more lightworkers with this knowledge..

It is my sincere desire that sharing this high frequency information will assist everyone who reads this material with manifesting brilliant future timelines for themselves and the entire collective human family!

In Service to Humanity,

Josh Sorenson

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