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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

As most of you know our Planet is going through an incredible energetic change. We are at the end of a 26,556 year Harmonic Time Cycle through which a planet Evolves from one level of density to the next. Earth's Chakras (Stargates) are opening up and taking in the higher dimensional frequencies from the Harmonic Universe Above it.

In Pre-ancient human history when the planet would go through these evolutionary cycles humanity would naturally evolve along with it, as the original 12 strand Diamond Sun DNA template was designed for cellular transmutation and biological Ascension. But due to genetic tampering of our DNA and energetic maniplulation of the Earths grids, from various ET races throughout Earth's history this process is no longer occuring naturally.

Currently, EVERYONE who incarnates onto the planet inherits certain energetic blockages from parents & ancestors, the collective human consciousness, and from the Earth that now require to be removed MANUALLY so that we can accrete the incoming, Higher dimensional frequencies, into our personal morphogenetic fields in order to Ascend. You may have heard people such as Corey Goode refer to things like the "End Times Madness" that is beginning to occur, and look around and see the chaos that is rising on the Earth. This is proof of what i am refering to. As these higher dimensional frequencies are coming into the Earth from the Universal and Galactic levels they are meeting up with the energetic blockages within people's morphogenetic fields resulting in all sorts of mental, emotional, and physical upheaval..this is also the reason for what people in the Spiritual community are referring to as "Ascension symptoms". The less energetic blockages we have the higher our frequency rises, and the smoother the transition of this Ascension process will be for us.

If enough of us "Lightworkers" work on clearing ourselves of these energetic blockages we will eventually meet critical mass, and create a Harmonic bridge across the planet that will override the distortions in the Earth's grids and we will ALL be able Ascend to the next Harmonic Universe TOGETHER. The bifurcation of timelines we hear about is a i would perfer to avoid. So it is vitally important to have some means to be able to work on oursleves daily and clear these Energetic blockages, Auric attachments, Karmic imprints, Unnatural seals & Implants etc. not only for our own personal Ascension process, but to assist in the possible Ascension of the entire human collective. This is the mission i was awakened to 12 years ago, and what this healing practice is devoted to. If you resonate with this info, and feel this is also why you are here I invite you to join me in this GREAT work... Checkout the Alchemical University training courses to get started today..

In Service to Humanity, Josh Sorenson

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